Alanna Koch Committed to Creating a Province of Learning

Regina, SK - Saskatchewan Party leadership candidate Alanna Koch is further expanding on her plan for primary and advanced education in Saskatchewan. 

“A strong education system is necessary for the continued success of our province.  It is a government’s responsibility to ensure our young people have the necessary knowledge and skills to become successful, contributing members of our society.  We will do this by making sure our education system receives the proper resources and investment, aligning curriculum with industry’s needs and finding efficiencies in our operations,” Koch said. 


In her policy platform, A Vision for 2030, Koch outlined her plan to have a strong education system that is focused on the student and is inclusive of our Indigenous people.  Her commitment is to create a province of learning by:

  • Increasing access to technological tools so all students, at all levels, in all locations have the same access to learning;
  • Retaining local school board governance for their close community connection and ensuring the highest degree of efficiency and coordination for all school boards;
  • Focusing resources on the classroom to ensure that there are the right amount of teachers for a growing population and that teachers have access to the tools and supports they need, such as educational assistants;
  • Finding efficiencies in administrative costs by avoiding duplication and increased collaboration and shared services (i.e.: increased collaboration in areas of procurement)
  • Encouraging post-secondary institutions and employers to work together to ensure we are offering the training programs needed to meet the needs of the future;
  • Increasing collaboration between post-secondary institutions; and
  • Working to decrease the disparity in achievement rates and outcome for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

“In order for our education system to be strong, we need to work together.  To be successful, we must collaborate and work with stakeholders from across the spectrum. Teachers play an incredibly important role in our society.  They help shape our children into who they become as adults.  As individuals in the classroom they do fantastic work in some extremely difficult circumstances.  I recognize that there are challenges in the classroom, and I will work to address those.  We need to have a respectful relationship with teachers, and need to work hard to re-establish that relationship,” Koch said. 

In addition to finding efficiencies in schools and post-secondary institutions, Koch will also work to find efficiencies in the ministries of Education and Advanced Education by becoming more client focused. Examples include having one student number that follows a student from Kindergarten to post-secondary.  This would have administration savings and allow for better client service.


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