How will you develop the economy?

Saskatchewan’s economic potential is unlimited. I believe in free-market solutions. I have seen first-hand how an industry can thrive when producers are provided with choice as opposed to government-imposed solutions. One needs to look no further than what the dismantling of the Canadian Wheat Board monopoly did to encourage growth of our agriculture industry.

I believe it is government's job to create a positive business climate by having a competitive tax structure and stable regulatory environment. And then government should get out of the way and let business do business.

We must continue to build on our natural strengths in agriculture, mining, energy, oile and gas, forestry and manufacturing, while working to become a leader in the development and adoption of home-grown technology and innovation.  I will work to create jobs by introducing an Angel Tax Credit investment, recruiting new head offices, expanding value-added processing, and making sure our products can get to international markets.