One of the important relationships in education is the relationship between students and their teachers. Teachers know their students, their families and their communities. How will you ensure local voices are heard?

I believe that we must rebuild a respectful relationship with teachers.  They play an incredibly important role in developing our young people. Teachers are on the frontline and understand the needs of our students. I feel government needs to do better at hearing  teacher’s voices.  Government needs to consult with those that are on the ground and know the needs of students. One idea I have floated is the idea of creating a community of practice where best practices can be shared and taken back to different areas. I am strong believer in open and transparent communication amongst all levels of an organization, and collaboration to get the best results possible. 


I have also committed to keeping local school boards.  I believe the local-area knowledge they bring is extremely valuable. 


Watch the video from Alanna's Q&A with the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation: