Milt Wakefield: Former SaskParty MLA, Former Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Grain Commission 

Milt-Wakefield.jpg"I’ve known and worked with Alanna in Western Canada’s agriculture industry for more than 20 years. Alanna has extensive, high-level and broad political leadership experience through her service as Saskatchewan Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Minister to the Premier.

What sets her apart, though, is that her strong leadership capacity and capability has evolved from real world experience - corporate governance, international negotiation and travel, community involvement, agriculture advocacy, public service, and genuine interest in people. She is real and authentic in a way that is relevant and relatable to Saskatchewan people."

Kim McConnell: C.M, Agriculture Champion and Founding Partner of AdFarm 

Kim-McConnell.jpg"I’ve had an opportunity to work with many great leaders. Alanna Koch is one of the absolute best. Alanna is a leader with a brain and a heart. She’s smart, has a vision and is committed to excellence and helping build stronger communities and industries.

Both Saskatchewan and Canada’s agri-food industries have advanced under Alanna’s leadership. When she asks, Canada’s agri-food industry responds and is willing to get involved - that’s leadership. Alanna loves agriculture and agriculture loves Alanna!"

Elwin Hermanson: First Leader of the Saskatchewan Party


"I am pleased to support Alanna Koch as the next Leader of the Saskatchewan Party and Premier of our province. I have known Alanna for more than 20 years. She is equally comfortable and able on the 'back 40', the corporate boardroom, chatting at the kitchen table or making a presentation to the Provincial Cabinet.

She has spent most of her life with one foot in rural Saskatchewan and the other in urban Saskatchewan. Alanna is best positioned to lead this province to the next level of greatness."




Lorne H. Hepworth: Former Saskatchewan Minister of Agriculture, Former CEO of CropLife Canada, Past Chair of Genome Canada

Lorne-Hepworth.jpg"When it comes to leadership, Alanna is a unique individual. She has been a Chief of Staff to ministers; been head of Saskatchewan’s public service; and has served as a director for both corporate and not-for-profit boards. 

She knows what it takes to build a prosperous Saskatchewan and a compassionate Saskatchewan. She knows firsthand about opportunities - and challenges - facing Saskatchewan families whether they be in the city or the country. She is a passionate spokesperson standing up for, and defending, the interests of Saskatchewan at home and abroad; and she does it with grace, dignity, poise and respect for others. She is the model of what we should expect in political leadership. Saskatchewan will be well served by Alanna as leader."

John and Alice Wall: Brad Wall's Parents

"We have met Alanna, and we will be voting for her in the SaskParty Leadership campaign."






Carrie Kotylak: Past Chairperson of Women of Distinction Committee YWCA Regina, Partner of Right Road Farms Inc., Partner of Right Road Real Estate Inc.

Carrie-Kotylak.jpg"I have known Alanna Koch for 20 years. During that time our relationship has crossed through personal, professional, and mentorship roles. I have nothing but the ultimate respect for Alanna.

It has been my personal experience that during her career, Alanna has shown great integrity in her various positions, both with the Saskatchewan Government and in her role as the Executive Director of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association. It is also my opinion that Alanna has demonstrated distinct leadership and unparalleled moral character in both her personal and professional life.

In 2015, I had the honour of presenting Alanna Koch as recipient of the YWCA Regina Women of Distinction Award in the category of Leadership and Management. This recognition was not only well deserved, but also gave great testament to Alanna’s expertise, commitment, and her ability to motivate positive and lasting change within her spheres of influence.

Following a recent meeting with Alanna, I have found assurance in her word concerning future intent by a Saskatchewan Party under her leadership. Recently, I have witnessed Alanna engage in a multitude of conversations with parties, where actually hearing and acknowledging the concerns of those individuals, took personal precedence over that of her own interests. For me, this speaks to a genuine integrity of character on her part. I know, without question, that Alanna Koch will carry forward this essence when governing the Province of Saskatchewan.

Those who know myself will understand that I do not make such an endorsement as this lightly; my truth is indeed my public bond. Therefore, it is with clear conscience that I am able to express my full support of Alanna Koch for Leader of the Saskatchewan Party and indeed, for Premier of Saskatchewan."

Levi Wood: Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association President, Pense-area Agricultural Producer

Levi-Wood.jpg"I have known Alanna in a variety of professional capacities over the last decade. What stands out for me is what an excellent communicator she is - diligent in sharing information, open and transparent, and really listens to what people have to say, and then shows great leadership in transforming what she's heard into action. She will be an outstanding leader for the SaskParty and a great Premier for our province."






Jack Dawes: Agriculture Journalist

"I first met Alanna in her role as executive director of the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association. I was impressed with her obvious competence as an administrator, organizer and leader; her international experience; her upbeat personality; her ability to connect people and ideas; and her heart for people. She carried that same charisma, if you will, into her role as Deputy Minister of Agriculture and I know she will be an energetic and effective Premier."

Murray McGillivray: Cattle Producer, Past President of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers, 2015 Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductee

Murray-McGillivray.jpg"I met Alanna Koch many years ago, but had the pleasure of working with her very closely over the last ten years after she became Saskatchewan’s Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

I am endorsing Alanna because I believe she can build an even stronger economy for the province because she has the necessary knowledge, which she gained through experience and exposure to the many facets of Saskatchewan and even Canada’s commerce. 

On a personal level, I believe Alanna has the judgement one needs to be Premier.  She has the courage to implement the tough decisions that will lay ahead.

Most importantly, she is the only candidate that can win the next provincial election for the Sask Party in 2020.  I have been a cattle producer in this province for my entire life and I do not want Saskatchewan to ever go back."

Joan Heath: Cereals Canada Director, Radisson-area Farmer

Joan-Heath.jpg"I’m pleased and proud to endorse Alanna for leader of the SaskParty and Premier of Saskatchewan. I met Alanna nearly three decades ago when, in our professional lives, we were both Executive Directors of Saskatchewan-based farm organizations and new moms in our personal lives.  We have remained friends ever since. 

There are many qualities that set Alanna apart from her fellow candidates. At all levels of Canadian politics, people are tired of politicians moulding their opinions to serve an end. There is a rare authenticity about Alanna. She is a straight shooter - the first one to tell you what you may not want to hear - and then the one there with a shoulder to lean on and help with a plan forward. Alanna is compassion combined with authenticity.

Alanna is an exceptional and intentional communicator, both to large groups and individually. She communicates in a thoughtful way that brings people together, inspires, and sparks passion and confidence. People are drawn to Alanna; they want to be her friend, and they want to be part of what she is a part of. That is a leader.

Like many Saskatchewanians, I am concerned about the multiple top-down decisions the federal government continues to offload onto our province. Alanna has the grit and determination to stand up to the Justin Trudeau government in an effective way. She will pick her battles carefully and then represent Saskatchewan's interests strongly. This is of utmost importance in our next leader.

Lastly, Alanna has a strong depth and breadth of knowledge in agriculture and the other pillars of our resource sector. She has long-standing relationships with private industry and understands their issues well. Saskatchewan needs these sectors to continue to thrive if our prosperity is to continue. This is essential for our future."

Brad Wildeman: Chariman of Pound-Maker Adventures Ltd., Past President of Canadian Cattlemen's Association

Brad-Wildeman.jpg"I have known Alanna in a professional capacity for over 30 years and have had the opportunity to work closely with her in both her government and private industry roles. I have experienced firsthand the integrity and committed work ethic that Alanna displayed in whatever endeavor she undertook. Her firsthand experience in private industry, government and public service has given her a breadth of knowledge unmatched by other candidates in the leadership race. The opportunity to bring an individual into leadership with this expertise while sending a clear message to citizens of our province that the party is open to renewal and embracing change will be critical to our success in the next general election. Alanna is an exceptional candidate to lead the Saskatchewan Party going forward."



Renee Reimer Horner: Mayor of Aberdeen

Rene.jpg“I am proud to support Alanna. Her leadership experience and commitment to communication is unmatched. She will be a great Premier and do great things for our province.” 







Maurice Delage: Agri-business Leader and Farmer

Maurice-Delage.jpg"I am pleased to endorse Alanna Koch as leader of the Saskatchewan Party. I have known Alanna through various agri-business and ag-policy roles over many years. I have been impressed by the leadership qualities that Alanna displays. She is highly organized, proactive and visionary. Alanna is a good listener and is inclusive in her approach to charting direction. She has a strong work ethic, is highly organized and meets challenges head on. She has strong convictions, but maintains flexibility and pragmatism.

Courage is the most important virtue an exemplary political leader should display and Alanna is a person of courage. She will do what is right for the people of Saskatchewan. She has broad experience in both private and public sectors. Alanna understands urban and rural Saskatchewan and is committed to a thriving future for both.
The province of Saskatchewan is highly dependent on trade in all sectors of our economy including agriculture, energy, mining, and manufacturing. Alanna comprehends fully the need for global access to markets including what it takes to achieve and sustain them.
The future of Saskatchewan's growth and prosperity is strongly linked to innovation, adaptation to new technology and education. Alanna's commitment to excellence in these key areas will ensure success.
The Premier of Saskatchewan must strongly represent Saskatchewan's interests at the national level. I believe Alanna Koch will do that. For all these reasons and more, I fully endorse Alanna Koch for Leader of the Saskatchewan Party and next Premier of Saskatchewan."

Larry Maguire: Member of Parliament, Brandon-Souris

Larry-Maguire.jpg"I've known Alanna for decades through our time together at the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association. I’ve known her to be the most effective provincial Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Canada, an expert in the development of Saskatchewan’s economy and I would also say that there is no one who knows more about the needs of her prairie province. She is the youngest woman ever to be inducted into the Saskatchewan Agriculture Hall of Fame. She is a family person who cares about every individual she encounters. As Premier, she will strike a valuable balance between economic development and compassion for citizens."

Trevor Boquist: CEO, Driving Change Automotive Group

Trevor-Boquist.jpg"Saskatchewan has enjoyed a great run of never-before-seen prosperity and growth. Overwhelming support for Premier Wall has made him one of the most well thought of Premiers ever and made us all proud of our province on the national stage. Now we have an opportunity to really get involved and make a difference that doesn’t come along everyday. This leadership race is very different in that our vote determines the next Premier immediately.

It is time for new leadership in Saskatchewan, time to build on the success of our past and improve on the opportunities for the future. Time for new, fresh leadership that hold no ties to what was decided in the past, yet someone to challenge, lead and ensure the right conversations happen to take advantage of the opportunities this province has for a bold, bright future.  A long serving government can only have true change when someone comes from outside and changes the conversation.

Alanna Koch is that change. Spending time with Alanna and hearing her talk about her ideas, thoughts and passions for the province is a reminder of how government needs to operate, be considerate of the responsibility to serve and engage Saskatchewan people. One of Alanna’s greatest traits that I have come to know is her humbleness to admit when she doesn’t know the answer to a question, then the ability to quickly pivot to learn from and engage others that would know more. That is my kind of leader.  She speaks passionately as a business owner, government employee, elected official and a volunteer.  No candidate has the background, experience and understanding of private industry and government that Alanna has.

I believe we need new, fresh leadership from outside the previous Cabinet table to take us forward.  Saskatchewan needs a new kind of leader. That is why I am supporting Alanna Koch."

Karen Marchuk: Retired School Teacher, Regina

Karen-Marchuk.jpg"Renewal means new people, new ideas and new energy.  As Premier Brad Walk talks about renewal in the Saskatchewan Party, I know Alanna Koch is the person to lead the party into the future. She brings a new perspective and a fresh face to this leadership race.

Alanna is well recognized for her leadership in the agriculture sector.  Ag is the bedrock of Saskatchewan’s economy and it is vital we have a Premier that knows and is respected in the industry.  

Furthermore, I personally feel that this is a great opportunity for us to have a strong female leader take the role of Premier.  It is each and every SaskParty member’s right and responsibility to vote in the next leader of the Party and the next Premier of the province. " 



Rick Pattison: President, Pattison Liquid Systems Inc.

Rick-Pattison.jpg“Alanna can be described in two words: “Authentic Accountability”. Her commitment to the betterment of Saskatchewan is as genuine as the province itself.

Over the past number of years, Alanna has demonstrated her exceptional leadership abilities, not only professionally in her role as head of the Saskatchewan Public Service, 11,000 employees strong, but also in her personal life serving on many boards and organizations.

Alanna has most recently been named “2017 Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada.” I am sure that this is just one of many more to come and is on top of her previous accomplishments which include 2005 Saskatchewan Centennial Medal; 2011 Saskatchewan Agriculture Hall of Fame; 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal; and 2015 Regina YWCA Woman of Distinction. These accomplishments alone prove the trust and admiration demonstrated by those who know Alanna.

I am extremely pleased to endorse Alanna For Leader!”

Dr. Allan Preston: Agri-Industry Consultant, Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Veterinary Officer with Manitoba Agriculture

Dr-Allan-Preston.jpg“When Alanna first announced her leadership bid, I congratulated her and said that, had my principle residence been another thirty miles west, I would be pleased to vote for her. As the vote nears, although my Manitoba address restricts me from voting, I want to again reiterate my strong support for Alanna in her leadership bid.

My interaction with Alanna came primarily through Federal/Provincial/Territorial Agriculture meetings from one side of Canada to the other, she as Saskatchewan’s Deputy Minister, I as Manitoba’s Assistant Deputy Minister. I always appreciated and applauded Alanna for her inclusive approach to engaging all parties in discussions on sometimes quite contentious issues. She listened, dissected and analyzed issues, always calm, fair and thorough. And when decision time came, she moved to consolidate diverse opinions and vigorously promote the position agreed upon. Her leadership at those FPT tables was a clear catalyst for the development of very good Canadian agricultural policy. And, to Alanna’s credit, she clearly put Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan producers first, defending them when other jurisdictions advocated policies that could be detrimental to Saskatchewan.

Alanna’s tremendous experience, both inside and outside of government, her inclusive leadership approach, her tenacity, her dedication, and her clear love for her family, her community, and her province, all clearly point towards her becoming the next leader of the Saskatchewan Party and the next Premier of Saskatchewan.”


Ryan Lejbak: CEO and Co-founder, zu

Ryan-Lejbak.jpg"I have known Alanna for five years. We met when we were both on the Board of Directors at the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership, or STEP. 

I fully endorse Alanna as Sask Party leader and the next Premier of Saskatchewan.

I have witnessed first hand how Alanna navigates the Board Room and can get a group to come to consensus; a skill that any leader needs, especially in Saskatchewan when dealing with the Federal government and negotiating international trade agreements.

Alanna has represented the province on more than 20 international trade missions, and accompanied Premier Wall on most of his. I trust Alanna will continue to promote Saskatchewan and our products around the globe, building a diverse and strong economy for Saskatchewan.

She also recognizes the importance of building other sectors of our economy, such as the tech and innovation sector, ensuring Saskatchewan is positioned to meet future trends and global demands. She sees the big picture and all of what is possible for our province.

Alanna has experience in the public sector, as well as the private sector, including running her own business. She understands the challenges that small businesses go through day-to-day. 

No other candidate has the depth of experience that Alanna has, and I encourage everyone to look through her bio and policy. You will be as convinced as I am, once you do."


Ray Deck: Former Colleague

"I was the HR Executive Director for Alanna for eight years while she was Deputy Minister of Agriculture. Through that time I got to see first hand her results orientation and leadership. I saw her create and build a strong team. She then worked hard with her team to set a direction that everyone could understand and get behind. She also established solid outcomes and clear accountabilities to ensure the goals were achieved. Then she insisted that values drive how the work got done. The constant throughout was crystal clear focus and very pragmatic approaches. She is an outstanding leader; someone that many wished to emulate. I know she would bring these same leadership qualities to her role of guiding this province to even greater heights."


Kevin Dow: COO, Norseman Structures and Board Chair, Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership

Kevin-Dow.jpg"I am extremely confident in my decision to endorse Alanna in her bid to be the next Leader of the Saskatchewan Party and Premier of Saskatchewan.  I have sat on the board of the Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership (STEP) with Alanna since the fall of 2010. Alanna’s appointment to the board by Premier Brad Wall was initially in her capacity as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and then recently as the Deputy Minister to the Premier. Through our board interaction I have witnessed Alanna’s leadership capabilities by actively listening to the board dialogue and interjecting with her depth of knowledge from both her political and professional experiences.  

I also have familiarity with the trade activities that Alanna has engaged in locally as well as abroad on trade missions. The feedback from participants of these trade activities has held Alanna’s participation in high regard. Alanna is always very engaged in meaningful conversations with the trade delegations and represents Saskatchewan’s interests with confidence and a real depth of knowledge.  

With consideration to the strengths of all the leadership candidates, I am confident that Alanna is best equipped to orchestrate an effective renewal of the Sask Party caucus that is required to win the next provincial election in Saskatchewan. I also very much believe that Alanna will be the strongest voice for Saskatchewan interests to the federal government. Alanna’s past experience in representing the interests of Western Canadian farmers and agri-business in the development of federal policy and regulations will well serve all citizens of Saskatchewan in the future."


Denise Batters: Saskatchewan Senator and Mental Health Advocate 

Denise-Batters.jpg"When I look at the candidates in the race, I want to know: who will fight for Saskatchewan? Who will stand up to the Trudeau Liberals on carbon tax and their unfair tax changes? Who will fight for Saskatchewan's best interests even if the federal government and other provinces stack up against us? The best person for that job is Alanna Koch.

Alanna is a passionate advocate for Saskatchewan. Alanna has capably represented Saskatchewan in negotiations with federal, provincial, and territorial governments and she has worked hard to secure access for Saskatchewan's markets on the international stage.

I have known Alanna for many years. She has the ability to connect with the people of Saskatchewan, both urban and rural, and to address the issues that matter most in their daily lives. With a long and successful career in public service, Alanna knows how to make government work for the citizens of Saskatchewan.

Her vast experience in the agriculture sector brings renewal and vision to a sector that is vital to a healthy Saskatchewan economy. As Premier of Saskatchewan, Alanna will promote Saskatchewan's innovation and technology to the rest of the country and the world.

Through the many years I have been involved in politics, I have come to learn that no election outcome should be taken for granted. The next general election in Saskatchewan will see the Saskatchewan Party and the NDP with new leaders. The Saskatchewan Party needs a leader who can take on the NDP and win. That person is Alanna Koch. She has the necessary experience to build on the success of the Saskatchewan Party and lead us to victory in the next election.

Alanna has shown true leadership with her work in both the private and public sectors. Her ability to bring people together and reach solutions that benefit all of Saskatchewan has been proven time and again. This is why I support Alanna Koch for the Saskatchewan Party Leadership."

Patty Townsend: Former CEO of Canadian Seed Trade Association 

Patty-Townsend.jpg"I no longer live in Saskatchewan, but the province gave me my education and the start to my career. These days, I wish I lived in Saskatchewan so that I could support Alanna Koch for leader of the Saskatchewan Party. I have worked with Alanna professionally. I have witnessed the passion and dedication she has for Saskatchewan and its citizens. I have watched her present the case for agriculture and trade, and I have applauded her strength of character. Her leadership skills are excellent, and I know that she would be a strong, determined and loyal leader. I would trust her with my vote without hesitation."





John Hyshka: President, Hyshka & Associates

john_hyshka.jpg"I have known Alanna for many years and am confident that she is the best person to lead our province into the next decade and beat the NDP.  Alanna is intelligent, hardworking, always prepared and willing to do what is right.  As someone involved in the food processing and natural products industry, I know Alanna will help grow the industry.  She understands the need to diversify our economy beyond primary industries and create jobs further up the value chain.  As Premier, she will create policies that will attract investment into the food processing and manufacturing industries. With her experience and policy approach, we will be able to further expand this important sector of Saskatchewan’s economy, creating jobs and solidifying Saskatchewan as a global leader in food and ingredient processing."   



Doug Fehr: Community Leader

Doug-Fehr.jpg"I’ve known Alanna for three decades and know she is the best choice to lead the Saskatchewan Party and be Premier of our province.

There is no one more experienced and tuned into how important trade is to Saskatchewan, in agriculture and many other sectors of the economy. Alanna’s extensive experience in domestic and international trade negotiations will help ensure Saskatchewan’s interests are well represented on a national and world stage. Her pragmatic, straightforward and authentic approach ensure she is as comfortable, confident and effective listening to Saskatchewan citizens in their communities as she is meeting with world leaders. She herself, is a natural leader.

Being from The Battlefords, I’m impressed with Alanna’s policy platform pledge to introduce wrap-around services that holistically address all of the issues that contribute to citizen’s and community’s well-being, whether it be social services, mental health, policing and addictions. I’ve seen the consultative manner in which Alanna works, how she brings the right players to the table, and really listens to understand and build connection.

Alanna has the qualities we need in a leader to better our communities and better our province."