How can Saskatchewan do better at ensuring indigenous people can benefit from the province’s growth and prosperity?

As Premier, I want to work with the people that know best how to find solutions that meet citizens’ needs. Government can’t assume to know the answers. Government must talk to citizens in Indigenous communities to ensure we know what their expectations are.  We get better results when we work together.

As a government, we must be accountable and transparent. I issued a mandate letter that outlines my commitment to communicating with Saskatchewan people, ensuring there is a better understanding of what government is doing and including consultation with those who are most impacted.

A strong economy will contribute to having a strong education system that is focused on the student and is inclusive of our Indigenous people. Being able to positively affect a person’s aptitude to learn and interest in education begins in the very early years.

I will also continue to work to decrease the disparity in achievement rates and outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students

I also want government ministries to work better together to ensure people that need services get the appropriate services. I want to wrap our services around people in a holistic approach recognizing that challenges are not isolated and addressing one symptom rarely solves the problem.