Will you remove PST off of insurance premiums?

I am totally committed to removing the PST on insurance - I promise that within my first 100 days in office to complete a thorough review of PST on insurance and make all necessary changes - and they will be significant. What I won’t do is make a rash decision without fully understanding the impacts - exactly what happened when the PST on insurance was first introduced. Continue reading

What is your vision for Saskatchewan’s post-secondary education system?

I am committed to creating a province of learning. A resilient education system, for both primary and secondary education, is necessary for the continued success of our province. We need to make significant investments into education systems to make sure they receive the proper resources and funding to continue to attract students and provide high quality post-secondary education experiences. Continue reading

Why should I vote for you to become Premier of Saskatchewan?

I love Saskatchewan and know that there is a bright future ahead. I see a province that is growing but I know that it has not always been that way. There were times I was worried my daughters might have to leave the province for opportunity. I am now delighted that they are both establishing roots here at home.   Continue reading

Will you commit to reduce the PST?

I want to see lower taxes for Saskatchewan people and businesses. And when the Sask Party was formed, one of the guiding principles established was a steady, gradual reduction in government spending and taxation while maintaining a firm commitment to balanced budgets. Government needs to be mindful of who is footing the bill and do whatever it takes to operate effectively and efficiently. Government must recognize that spending cannot be unlimited. Once we have balanced the budget, I want to see the PST reduced.

If you become premier, will you ensure a heritage fund is in place and ready if/when resource revenues go up again?

I want a province that is debt free and strong. But I also recognize that we were left a large infrastructure deficit by the NDP. We finally have new schools, new hospitals and improved roads. We are waiting less time for surgeries. There are a significant number of low-income people who are no longer paying income tax. And there is still much that has to be done. And as I have said, government needs to ensure our spending is appropriate to our revenue. We need to be disciplined in our spending, even when times are very good. I feel that while the heritage fund is an excellent idea, we also have to balance the needs of today and the future. My priority is to significantly reduce our debt to ensure we are in a strong position for the future.

What is your position on the proposed Federal changes to the Small Business Tax?

Throughout the campaign, I have heard strong opposition to the Trudeau Liberals’ changes to the Small Business Tax. I wrote a letter to the Prime Minister in early October expressing my concerns and demanding his government reconsider the ill-conceived attack on small business.   Continue reading

How can Saskatchewan do better at ensuring indigenous people can benefit from the province’s growth and prosperity?

As Premier, I want to work with the people that know best how to find solutions that meet citizens’ needs. Government can’t assume to know the answers. Government must talk to citizens in Indigenous communities to ensure we know what their expectations are.  We get better results when we work together. Continue reading

How would you better support the vulnerable in Saskatchewan?

In my policy platform, A Vision for 2030: Growth Plan 2.0, I outline my guiding principles which include taking care of society’s most vulnerable and ensuring everyone shares in growth and prosperity. People are Saskatchewan’s greatest resource. In order to succeed and prosper, we will care for our people by making better use of our investment into health care, education, social services and justice by working together and collaborating to get improved results. Continue reading

What is your plan to deliver on the Sask Party’s guiding principle of a smaller, less intrusive, more efficient government?

I have outlined my expectations in a mandate letter for an accessible government. I know good work has been done to reduce red tape, but there’s always room to do better. I would expect ministers and public servants to get out from behind their desks and listen to citizens. We will return to having regional meetings with access to the Premier and Cabinet because I firmly believe that we get better results when we work together Continue reading

Will you cut government spending?

Making budgeting choices is difficult in our personal lives, and it is the same for government. Sometimes choices have to be made that are very tough. Fiscal responsibility is one of my guiding principles. It is essential for governments of all levels to recognize that we must live within our means and not overburden our taxpayers. We also can’t saddle future generations by borrowing with no plan for repayment. We need to prioritize our spending to deliver the services and programs that Saskatchewan people need in a way that is responsible.  

What is your position on equalization formula reform?

It is important for all of Canada to be strong, and Saskatchewan has certainly relied on equalization in the past. I believe the equalization formula needs to be reviewed because there are unfair exemptions, such as hydroelectric power not being considered to be a natural resource.   Continue reading

One of the important relationships in education is the relationship between students and their teachers. Teachers know their students, their families and their communities. How will you ensure local voices are heard?

I believe that we must rebuild a respectful relationship with teachers.  They play an incredibly important role in developing our young people. Teachers are on the frontline and understand the needs of our students. I feel government needs to do better at hearing  teacher’s voices.  Government needs to consult with those that are on the ground and know the needs of students. One idea I have floated is the idea of creating a community of practice where best practices can be shared and taken back to different areas. I am strong believer in open and transparent communication amongst all levels of an organization, and collaboration to get the best results possible.    Continue reading

How will you handle the debt/deficit/balance the budget?

A balanced budget and fiscal responsibility are priorities. However, we cannot balance the budget on the backs of front line workers such as nurses and teachers, and we cannot shock the economy.  That is why I have pledged to extend the plan to balance the budget by one year. This will help minimize the effects of some of restraint measures, and show compassion to those who have most felt the impact of the most recent budget.

What is your stance on legalizing marijuana?

This is an issue of health and safety and not government revenue. The Trudeau Liberals have rushed through this legislation without looking at what the consequences will be to society. As government, we have to keep marijuana out of schools and out of the hands of children. We have to have a proper regulatory scheme that ensures safe workplaces. We need to have strong law enforcement measures in place to ensure that driving under the influence is properly enforced. The Trudeau Liberals did not allow enough time for the provinces to prepare properly for legalization therefore; we must work hard to guarantee the safety of the Saskatchewan people.

How will you work with the Trudeau Liberals?

I will always stand up for Saskatchewan’s interest. And I will continue to do so against the federal Liberals. Continue reading