Mandate Letter to the People of Saskatchewan

To the People of Saskatchewan:

Over the course of my career I have had the privilege and opportunity to serve the citizens of Saskatchewan in many different capacities.  

I was a senior government official and served as a senior advisor to Premiers and Cabinet Ministers.

I’ve walked the east and west wings of Saskatchewan’s Legislative Building learning the political and public service side of government.

This experience, along with being a director of a publicly traded company, the Executive Director of a non-profit organization and school board trustee taught me a great deal, and over the years I developed my own leadership style and a distinct perspective on what I believe is necessary for effective government.

Now I am committed to taking this experience and using it to the best of my ability to serve the people of Saskatchewan.  

Since 2007, Premier Brad Wall has been building a strong Saskatchewan. He has had success growing our population, improving graduation rates, reducing wait-times for surgery and building strong manufacturing and agricultural sectors. Under Brad Wall we have an energy sector that has weathered the storm of the last three years better than most. And we are proud to call Saskatchewan home – something that disappeared under the NDP. There is no doubt that we are on the right path.

I am committed to keeping Saskatchewan on that path and building on it.

I am excited for the opportunities this province has. I will bring new energy and a new approach to how we do things as government. And I believe that how government operates is as important as what is done.    

This letter is my commitment to the people of Saskatchewan, on how I, if I am honoured to be chosen as your Premier, will govern an effective and responsible government. This letter outlines the expectations you should have of me as your Premier, and that I in turn will have of my colleagues in cabinet and the public service.  

First and foremost, we as government, must be accountable. All of us must act with integrity and be accountable for our actions. Simply, we must do what we say we’re going to do. We must admit when we’re wrong. We must be willing to learn from our mistakes and work to right wrongs.        

Secondly, I believe in having an accessible government. To be successful, we must listen and have meaningful engagement. We must be available to the people of the province. And we must collaborate and work with stakeholders from across the spectrum. We get better results when we work together.

We must also be transparent ensuring citizens and industry have the information they need to make well-informed decisions. Government exists to serve the people. Citizens have a right to know the business of government, how that business is being conducted and how public money is spent. This transparency supports an accountable government.

Third, we must be purposeful in our actions. Expectations will be clearly understood. We will have an agreed upon, measurable plan. And we must all work towards the desired outcomes of that plan.

Finally, we will act with compassion. We must think of those our policies and processes impact, and make sure we understand the full effects prior to implementation. We will do this by having meaningful conversations in advance of decisions being made.

This is my approach to leadership. These are the expectations I have had of every individual, in every organization that I led. And it will be no different if I am chosen as Premier.

I will achieve a high-performing, effective government by:

● Reintroducing mandate letters for Ministers and holding Ministers accountable to deliver on their mandate;

● Setting clear performance measures for all Ministries, including introducing and publishing service standards for all government services; 

● Ensuring the integrity of government by implementing the highest standards for ethics and best practice conflict of interest rules;

● Increasing public access to senior government through measures such as (but not limited to) regional caucus and cabinet meetings;

● Putting compassion at the forefront of all government decisions by making every effort to minimize the effect of restraint measures on the general public; 

● Reducing bureaucracy, duplication and frustration in public-facing services;

● Developing a transparent four-year rolling plan to communicate government-wide priorities to the public and industries; and

● Increasing engagement, consultation and collaboration with stakeholders in policy development and implementation.

I bring new energy and a new approach to government. I know the inner-workings of government and also know what it takes to run a successful business. My goal is to genuinely do what is in the best interest of the province and Saskatchewan people.

That is the kind of leadership I will bring if chosen to be your Premier.  

This is an exciting time for our province. We have come a long way in a short time but the future holds still more promise ahead. I look forward to the opportunity to carry out my mandate to improve the lives of everyone in Saskatchewan.



Alanna Koch