Media Coverage

John Gormley, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Nov 10, 2017

“Watching the latest debate, I was more convinced than ever that the three front-runners are Alanna Koch, Gord Wyant and Scott Moe.” 

“Alanna Koch, with a lifetime of political experience in the backrooms but never elected, has probably attended more cabinet meetings than the other candidates combined,...”

“She is informed, smart and committed…”


Brian Zinchuk,

Nov 9, 2017

“Alanna Koch stands out as the only person running for the Saskatchewan Party leadership, and premier, who is not an MLA.”


Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader Post

Nov 7, 2017

“Alanna Koch proposed extending the (balanced budget) goal to to 2020-21.”


Alex MacPherson and D.C. Fraser, Saskatoon Start Phoenix and Regina Leader Post

Nov. 6

"Alanna Koch and Scott Moe may have generated the loudest and longest cheers from the 800-strong crowd at TCU Place in Saskatoon,...”

“(Koch) has long been thought to be a serious contender...”  


CBC News

November 5, 2017

“Charles Smith, who teaches at the University of Saskatchewan, says “Gord Wyant's and Alanna Koch's campaigns are ones to watch”

“Smith believes that in the minds of delegates, the fact (Koch) is not a member of the legislature is a non-issue, pointing out the precedent has been set before at the federal level...”


Greg Nikkel, Weyburn Review

November 2, 2017

"Some of (Koch's) platform points include creating a competitive business environment, promoting free market solutions, taking care of the most vulnerable in society, making science-based decision-making, running a fiscally responsible government, and ensuring all Saskatchewan residents benefit from the province’s growth and prosperity."


David Willberg, Estevan Mercury

November 1, 2017

"The oil and gas sector needs continued stability in the regulatory climate and business climate, (Koch) said, and government needs to send a message that the industry is welcome and supported."


Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader Post

Oct 31, 2017 

“The Sask. Party has two women running for its leadership — one, in Alanna Koch, who has an excellent chance of winning...”


Alex MacPherson and D.C. Fraser, Saskatoon Star Phoenix and Regina Leader Post

By Alex Macpherson, Saskatoon StarPhoenix and D.C. Fraser, Regina Leader Post
Oct 30, 2017 

“Koch’s camp said the poll surveyed a random sampling of 500 party members, and that it concluded that she was “the best candidate to defeat the NDP in the next general election.”


Alex MacPherson, Regina Leader Post and Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Oct 23, 2017   

“more significantly, she [Koch] earned the endorsement of John and Alice Wall, the premier’s parents.” 


Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader Post

Oct 20, 2017 

“What rocked the province’s political world this week was a single tweet from one of the Saskatchewan Party’s perceived front-runners, Alanna Koch.”

“Had a great day in Swift Current, and am happy to announce the support of Brad Wall’s parents, John and Alice Wall. #Alanna4leader,” Koch’s Monday tweet stated.”

“Alanna Koch is a strong, smart person who, realistically, could be Saskatchewan’s first female premier in a little more than three months. Her knowledge of agriculture is vast compared with Wall’s — something advantageous for anyone running for Sask. Party leader and beneficial for anyone likely to become premier.”


Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader Post

Oct 14, 2017 

“Alanna Koch, arguably the leading candidate to take over Brad Wall’s job,...”


Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader Post

Oct 11, 2017 

“... Koch is constantly getting knowing nods from the business/agriculture/oil sector elite within the party. And she continues to campaign at a feverish pace in rural communities where the Sask. Party votes exist.”


John Gormley, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Sep 1, 2017 

"Koch is a serious contender among rural, small town and agri-sector players.”

“She inspires raving fandom among many people she has mentored and worked with in government or industry, in particular younger women. A lifetime political insider and policy expert,...”


Murray Mandryk, Regina Leader Post

Aug 28, 2017 

“Two candidates officially announced Monday that they intend to succeed Brad Wall as Saskatchewan premier.”

“As for Koch, there is simply no denying she is a bright, competent woman whose ascension to the top civil service job in the province has also had to do with those qualities she developed in years working for government, business and third-party organizations.” 


Brandon Harder,

August 28, 2017

“Don McMorris backs Koch. (He) wasn't coy about his own allegiances, however, noting that he would do everything in his power to spread the word that Koch would be a "great premier.”

“I think she's a strong candidate. I think she'll match up very well if she happens to win the leadership of the party to win the next general election.”