Alanna Koch Pledges to have an Open and Accountable Government

Regina, SK   - Thursday, October 5, 2017 -- Today, Saskatchewan Party Leadership candidate Alanna Koch released a mandate letter to the citizens of Saskatchewan.  The letter outlines Koch’s promise to run an open and accountable government.

“This mandate letter is my commitment to the people of Saskatchewan.  I believe in values-based leadership.  This means that how we do things – how we treat people, how we make decisions, how we operate – is as important as what we do.  

I believe government must be accessible and transparent to the people we serve. And we must act with integrity.  These are expectations that you should have of me if I am honoured to be given the opportunity to serve as your Premier, and that I will have of my colleagues in Cabinet and the entire public service,” Koch said.

The mandate letter includes examples of how Koch would build a high-performing and engaged government, including:

● Setting clear performance measures for all Ministries, including introducing and publishing service standards for all government services;

● Reintroducing mandate letters for Ministers and holding Ministers accountable to deliver on their mandate;

● Ensuring the integrity of government by implementing the highest standards for ethics and best practice conflict of interest rules;

● Increasing public access to senior government through measures such as (but not limited to) regional caucus and cabinet meetings;

● Putting compassion at the forefront of all government decisions by making every effort to minimize the effect of restraint measures on the general public;

● Reducing bureaucracy, duplication and frustration in public-facing services;

● Developing a transparent four-year rolling plan to communicate government-wide priorities to the public and industries; and

● Increasing engagement, consultation and collaboration with stakeholders in policy development and implementation.

“We are on the right path.  Our economic policies are sound; we must continue to be business-friendly and attract investment.  We must be fiscally responsible and return to a balanced budget as to not burden future generations, and we must continue to invest in infrastructure and care for our most vulnerable.  Any government should strive to do better at how we implement policies, how we engage citizens, how we make decisions, to ensure that we do the best for the people that we serve.

I bring new energy and a new approach to government.  I have extensive knowledge about the inner-workings of government and know what it takes to run a successful business.  My goal is to genuinely do what is in the best interest of the province and our citizens.  That is the kind of leadership I will bring if chosen as Premier,” Koch said.

To view the full mandate letter, click here

Koch will unveil more of her platform in the coming weeks.


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