Saskatchewan Party leadership candidate Alanna Koch rolls out plan to win urban seats in next general election

Saskatoon, SK –  Yesterday, while meeting with Saskatoon business people and supporters, leadership candidate Alanna Koch outlined her plan to win urban seats in the 2020 general election.  

“As citizens of Saskatchewan we all share common values and want the same things: a good economy, opportunities for our youth, and strong health and education systems,” Koch said. “That doesn’t change between urban and rural. However, in order to be successful in the 2020 election, the Sask Party needs to win urban seats. The best way to do that is to make sure our cities are places where people can have a good job and a good life. We will do this by continuing to invest in our city's infrastructure and in our relationships with Mayors and Councils.”

Koch’s plan builds off of her policy platform: A Vision for 2030: Growth Plan 2.0. and includes:

  1. Creating investment opportunities for cities with a focus on attracting head offices and creating jobs in urban areas;
  2. Continuing to invest in infrastructure, ensuring that cities have the necessary schools, hospitals, roads, and recreation and cultural facilities to meet a growing population’s needs;
  3. Building strong relationships with City Councils by having regular communication and engaging them in decisions up front and working with them on solutions; and
  4. Developing innovation centres of excellence in both Regina and Saskatoon to support the development of innovation hubs and the work of entrepreneurs.

“I understand that this past budget created some difficult situations for our cities. If elected Premier, a priority would be to build relationships with all the cities so future processes are more consultative and solution focused. In my first 100 days in office I would meet with the mayors of all our cities and commit to meet annually with Saskatchewan City Mayors Caucus. We need to work on solutions together.  At the end of the day, we all serve the citizens of Saskatchewan,” Koch said. “Of course none of this will be successful without a lot of hard work. We need to roll up our sleeves and spend time in the cities.”

On Wednesday, Koch spent the entire day in Saskatoon, meeting with constituents and business people. Koch is in Saskatoon Thursday morning before heading to the fourth leadership debate in North Battleford. This is Koch’s 21 visit to Saskatoon since the leadership campaign launched at the end of August.

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