What is your vision for Saskatchewan’s post-secondary education system?

I am committed to creating a province of learning. A resilient education system, for both primary and secondary education, is necessary for the continued success of our province. We need to make significant investments into education systems to make sure they receive the proper resources and funding to continue to attract students and provide high quality post-secondary education experiences.

We can make better use of our investment into education by working together and collaborating to get improved results. There is also great opportunity to find efficiencies in our operations. In addition to finding efficiencies in schools and post-secondary institutions, I will also work to find efficiencies in the ministries of Education and Advanced Education by becoming more client-focused. Examples include having one student number that follows a student from Kindergarten to post-secondary.   

My vision would be to continue that effort and build on it by:

  • Finding efficiencies in administrative costs by avoiding duplication and increased collaboration and shared services (i.e. increased collaboration in areas of procurement)
  • Encouraging post-secondary institutions and employers to work together to ensure we are offering the training programs needed to meet the needs of the future;
  • Increasing collaboration between post-secondary institutions;
  • Working to decrease the disparity in achievement rates and outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students;
  • Develop a labour strategy with industry tailored for the technology sector that addresses short-, medium- and long-term industry needs;
  • Modernize Saskatchewan’s computer science education curriculum to incorporate digital literacy; and
  • Promote the exciting and varied career opportunities in Saskatchewan’s technology sector.