Proposed Federal Tax Changes are Reckless Grabs

I have never agreed with the federal NDP but, when even the socialists are saying that a Liberal policy is an attack on small business, you know something is seriously wrong.


The Liberals are saying that their proposed changes to corporate tax rates are aimed at big corporate tax cheats but in fact it’s a reckless tax grab that will land on the doorstep of middle-class small business owners and professionals.

For example, here in Saskatchewan, if a farmer incorporates the farm, who are their employees? Family members of course. That’s just common sense. But in the Liberals’ view, paying your family from the proceeds of the family farm is a sneaky tax dodge and they are intent on stamping it out.

The prohibition on tax splitting is only one of the Liberals’ proposed changes, all of which will have many other effects on Saskatchewan. In a province that has to work very hard to attract and retain doctors, the Liberals’ tax measures will encourage doctors to move to the US. The Liberal proposals will also have significant impact on entrepreneurship by impacting those willing to invest into growing our economy.

As Premier, I would stand up for Saskatchewan small business owners and farm families by taking the fight straight to Ottawa on these disastrous proposals.