Koch Outlines Saskatchewan Government Supplier Development Policy

I am committed to building a strong, resilient and sustainable economy. An important part of that commitment is ensuring that Saskatchewan businesses can prosper; having a province that provides a competitive advantage for businesses to succeed. That’s why I’m dedicated to developing Saskatchewan suppliers. If elected Premier, I will introduce a Saskatchewan Supplier Development Policy that will be established with industry and reviewed semi-annually.

There has been some good work on ongoing consultation with industry and stakeholders and continuous procurement improvement. We need to amplify this work to ensure Saskatchewan businesses continue to be heard and be successful. Government needs to be proactive in identifying procurement needs within government and proactive in searching for Saskatchewan companies who can fill those needs.

Procurement of goods and services for government should be based on best overall value for the province. Simply evaluating on cost is not good enough; greatest value encompasses so much more than a proposed budget. In addition to cost, we will place greater emphasis on:

  • Industry experience and expertise: quality of supplier, local industry knowledge and ability to address market considerations;
  • Benefit analysis: economic benefit to the province in employment and tax revenue; and
  • Service delivery standards: approachability and ability to provide ongoing support.

The Saskatchewan Supplier Development Policy will:

  • Build supply capacity within the province and encourage and enable exports;
  • Create economic expansion of existing companies;
  • Increase opportunities for employment and investment;
  • Generate corporate, personal and sales tax revenue; and
  • Encourage innovation in the Saskatchewan supply chain.

Taxes must be competitive so that businesses can build, new startups can emerge and people can invest. The introduction of an Angel Investment Tax Credit will improve access to capital for start-ups.

Saskatchewan businesses are vital to our province’s economy and quality of life for our people. I am committed to help build, grow and support Saskatchewan suppliers.