Show your support for Alanna

We are in the last week of Saskatchewan Party membership sales. We are truly down to the wire. We need to do everything we can to demonstrate to Saskatchewan that Alanna is the best person to lead the Saskatchewan Party and our province. 

We need to convince our friends, families and maybe the odd stranger to buy memberships and put a 1 beside Alanna’s name.

On Wednesday, Dec. 6, I am asking you to show your support for Alanna.

On that day, we are asking you to pledge your support for Alanna on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media you may use. We also encourage you to ask your friends and family to do the same.

How? Write a note about why you are supporting Alanna, or talk about a policy you like or shoot a short video of yourself. Anything positive about Alanna helps.

In a hurry? Here is some text you can use:

I am supporting Alanna Koch for Leader of the Saskatchewan Party and Premier of Saskatchewan. Alanna has extensive private and political experience and is committed to being open, accessible and transparent. Alanna will unify the party and is the best choice for Saskatchewan now and in the future.

Some interesting facts about Alanna that you may want to include: 

  • Alanna has extensive and diverse private business experience;
  • Was named one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada;
  • Has represented Saskatchewan and Canada on more than 20 trade missions to 13 different countries;
  • Knows how to build and manage relationships with the federal government and has been part of several federal-provincial negotiations;
  • Has the support of more than 22 industry, business and community leaders;
  • Was the longest serving Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Canada;
  • Was appointed the first female Deputy Minister to the Premier;
  • Has been involved in Saskatchewan politics for more than 30 years.

Not sure what to say? Check out examples on Alanna’s site at

We want to make sure that everyone hears about Alanna and knows why she is the best choice.

Here is how you can show your support:


Please use the graphic below (right click, save image) or any graphic of your choosing in your posts, along with a short note explaining why you are supporting Alanna. Remember to tag Alanna in your Facebook posts.  If you see anyone else posting about Alanna on facebook, please like/share it.


Post a tweet about why you are endorsing Alanna. Use the hashtag #Alanna4Leader on Twitter. Tag Alanna in your posts (@alannaforleader). And retweet and quote what others are saying.


Please use the graphic below (right click, save image) in your posts, along with a short note explaining why you are supporting Alanna. Also, if you belong to any LinkedIn groups that are Saskatchewan based, post into those groups.


Send an email to your friends and family, explaining why you are supporting Alanna and encouraging them to do so as well. Remember the deadline to purchase memberships is Dec. 8.

Alanna’s website:

If you want to make an endorsement which would appear on Alanna’s website in the endorsement section, send an email with a photo, your name, your job title and a note on why you are supporting Alanna. The web team will try to get them up as they are received.

Then like, share, love and spread the word!

Thank you,

Kelly Gallagher