How would you better support the vulnerable in Saskatchewan?

In my policy platform, A Vision for 2030: Growth Plan 2.0, I outline my guiding principles which include taking care of society’s most vulnerable and ensuring everyone shares in growth and prosperity. People are Saskatchewan’s greatest resource. In order to succeed and prosper, we will care for our people by making better use of our investment into health care, education, social services and justice by working together and collaborating to get improved results.

With a focus on healthy communities, I’ve committed to implementing integrated service delivery of all human-centered programs to “wrap around” citizens in a holistic approach, to encompass the full-suite of programs and services our most vulnerable may require (i.e. mental health, addiction treatment, at risk women and children). We need to recognize that challenges that these people face are not isolated and addressing one symptom rarely solves the larger problem.

I would also implement recommendations from the 10-Year Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan and support the recommendations outlined in the Saskatchewan Poverty Reduction Strategy. I would continue to work towards achieving its stated goals and objectives.

Government needs to consider how to play a more active role in the Housing First program so that it can continue to be a successful initiative. The provincial government has made investments to help house people, but it's been separate from Housing First. We need to work better together so all people have a safe place to call home.

When dealing with our most vulnerable citizens, the need will always be great and there will always be more we can do. I will focus on growing our province’s economy so we can continue to do our best for those who need it most; a strong economy provides government with the resources necessary to assist our most vulnerable citizens. The true goal of economic growth is to ensure all Saskatchewan citizens can have happy, fulfilled lives, knowing that this is the best place to live and raise a family.