Why should I vote for you to become Premier of Saskatchewan?

I love Saskatchewan and know that there is a bright future ahead. I see a province that is growing but I know that it has not always been that way. There were times I was worried my daughters might have to leave the province for opportunity. I am now delighted that they are both establishing roots here at home.  

Saskatchewan’s growth and prosperity needs to be cultivated and protected through careful fiscal management, sound policy and engagement with citizens. Continued support for business will capitalize on our natural advantages. We can foster the positive business climate we have by supporting free-market solutions and encouraging decisions based on real science and facts.

We need a strong economy so all Saskatchewan citizens have the opportunity to have happy, fulfilled lives, while governments provide affordable, effective and efficient services that we have come to expect.  

It is a government’s role to be transparent and accountable. I am committed to being open and accessible. I want to grow Saskatchewan with compassion and lead with integrity. I will continue to build on the foundation Premier Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party has established.